Sanbonani Spa

Company Values

  • Pause prides itself in their professionalism and correct handling of day to day business

  • Pause follows all standard operating procedures involved in trading in relevant industry

  • Embrace and Drive Change

  • Create Fun in working and learning environment

  • Be Adventurous, creative and open minded

  • Pursue Growth for learning and education

  • Build open and honest relationship with communication

  • Build a positive team and family spirit

  • Be passionate and determined and humble always

Vision Statement

Pause would like to be a well Branded name in the beauty Business.  We aspire to be top in our service field, for training facility and spa industry.

In Future we would like to be able to empower women to become entrepreneurs, start their own business and be successful in trading.  Pause would like to help women achieve their dreams and help them hone their ambitions.  In return this system is paying it forward toward the community creating work, and investing in each individual.

Mission Statement

As a spa we aspire to please each client with what their need is, with a touch of perfection.  We also believe in the value of professional products to compliment each treatment.  We are guaranteed that our clients will feel relax, revived and ready for their next activity.